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Why Rwanda increased its gorilla permit to $1500 per person per trek

Why Rwanda increased its gorilla permit to $1500 per person per trek

Why Rwanda increased its gorilla permit to $1500 per person per trek

Why Rwanda increased its gorilla permit to $1500 per person per trek? On May 6th, 2017, the Rwanda Development Board a government body which is responsible for all national parks and tourist destinations in the country decided to put a gorilla permit on high costs that are from $750-$1500 to all tourists who are interested in visiting mountain gorillas of Volcanoes national park. Many travelers who wish to trek mountain gorillas in Rwanda are always wondering why this country sold her gorilla permits at high costs. This article will give different reasons why the gorilla trekking experience had increased.

In Africa, a gorilla tour is a most expensive experience than other safaris like boat cruises, game drives, and so on. Although Rwanda receives more travelers who are yearning to see and spend more time with endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitats while others postpone their gorilla safaris due to the high costs of gorilla permits not only in Rwanda but also in other gorilla destinations of Africa.

The following are some of the reasons why Rwanda increased its gorilla permit to $1500 per person per trek;

Endangered apes

As we know mountain gorillas are one of the endangered animals and on earth, there are about 1090 individuals remaining and Rwanda contains 62% of the gorilla population. Rwanda Development Board announced the increase in the price of gorilla permits to reduce the number of tourists and keep mountain gorillas safe for future generations.

Increase in community revenue sharing.

Rwanda Development Board wanted to improve the standard of living for communities living near the park. The money collected from selling gorilla permits is shared with local people through building schools, roads, and many more.  Rwanda shares 10% with these communities and this has also helped in protecting mountain gorillas because now local people are knowing the value of these primates in the world.

The safety of mountain gorillas

Since mountain gorillas are known as the endangered animals in wild. So, monitoring them each day is one of the major ways to keep these primates safe and when many people enter their natural habitat, this can affect the process. Increasing a gorilla permit is the one of ways the Rwanda Development Board used to reduce the high number of tourists who are interested to visit the mountain gorillas of Volcanoes national park. Furthermore, why Rwandan permits had increased is to get money which is used to pay the park rangers, armed rangers who take care of mountain gorillas like movements, feeding, tracking their health status plus protecting these primates safe from poachers, pet trader and many more.

Mountain gorillas are susceptible to human diseases.

This is one of the reasons why Rwanda increased its gorilla permit to $1500 per person per trek because they have the same DNA as humans which makes them susceptible to being infected by human diseases. So, it was also planned to limit some tourists from visiting them so that they stay safe as well as protect their natural habitats.

Why you should visit Rwanda for gorilla trekking

On your African safari do not miss out to visit Rwanda because of its background, the efforts of Dian Fossey, easy accessibility from anywhere in the world, easy gorilla trekking, and one of the cleanest cities on this continent which have made the country the famous destinations to visit in Africa.

Permits are issued each day in Volcanoes national park.

There are about 11 habituated gorilla families in Volcanoes national park which are open for trekking and only 8 people are allowed to trek a gorilla family per day. Therefore, Rwanda produces 80 gorilla permits every day for trekking mountain gorillas of Volcanoes national park.

Best time to visit Rwanda for gorilla safaris.

Rwanda can be visited at any time of the year but the best season to visit the country for gorilla trekking is June-August and December-February when the hiking trails are too slippery which favors gorilla trekking experience and other tourist attractions the rest of the month is known as the rainy season though it cannot rain the full day so this can give you a chance to trek mountain gorillas at any time of the year.

What to pack?

There are essential items one should carry if he/she wants to enjoy a gorilla trekking experience. This is important to note, tourists are among the people who make this safari memorable through improving your fitness and carrying the necessary things for gorilla trekking and these include a rain jacket as it may rain any time, long-sleeved clothes, a camera with extra batteries, binoculars, hiking boots, hat, garden gloves, water, and energy drinks and a hiking stick is provided at free of charge from the park offices.

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