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Why one should visit Virunga national park

Why one should visit Virunga national park

Why one should visit Virunga national park

Why one should visit Virunga national park? If you are looking for a quiet destination to visit during your holiday or vacation, travel in the eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo where you will find this amazing park that features tourist attractions that attracts many travelers to the country. The Park is one of the feared jewels, one who has discovered the beauty of this park has a lot to tell to others. Virunga national park is one of the new areas not only in the Democratic Republic of Congo but in the entire world for gorilla trekking though it is not trending in a world like other gorilla destinations because of political instability. But the park is open all year round without worries because on your arrival day at Goma international airport, you will find a security convoy and their purpose is to keep you safe until you are done your tour in the park and back to Goma so why do not you spend some time during your holiday or vacation and visit this amazing national park in Congo.

Virunga national park is a natural habitat for two great apes that is the rare mountain gorillas and chimpanzee communities that one can visit in Mahura forest, The Lulimbi sector is known as the best place to view wildlife animals and these include hippos, savannah elephants plus the tree climbing lions in the Ishasha plains. In this same park is where to find one of the few remaining active volcanoes known as Mount Nyiragongo with the largest crater lake on its top. On your trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, spare some time and visit Tchegera Island for relaxation after visiting mountain gorillas or hiking an active volcano in the world. There are many designed packages for tourists depending on his/her interests for example the 3 days gorilla trekking, 2 days Nyiragongo hike, and others.

Another reason why you should be among a larger number visiting Virunga national park is that it is the only gorilla destination in Africa that offer affordable gorilla trek since its gorilla permit is goes at $400 per person per trek which is the cheapest if compared to other areas like in Rwanda, a gorilla permit is a cost at $1500 and Uganda sold it at $700 per person per trek. This is the only park in Africa where you can add the 7-hour hike up to the top of the Nyiragongo volcano to see the red boiling lava, with I night and slope down on the following day. If you want to enjoy these two experiences to the fullest, you should book 4 days Mikeno Mist package and explore more about the Virunga national park of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Virunga national park is a tropical rain forest which is the one factor that attracts the tourists since the climate of the park favoring the growth forest as well as all the tourist attractions of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the rainy season which starts in the month of October-December when the management of the park sold a gorilla permit at $200. While the driest month in-country begins from June -September and January-March are when the park receives many tourists and the best recommended time to trek through the thick forest plus clear views of the park.

For spending more time with mountain gorillas at no extra charge visit Virunga national park and enjoy this amazing experience. But this experience is provided to the only tourists who booked accommodation to the Mikeno lodge which is one of the nearest safari lodges to the starting point for mountain gorilla trekking in the Virunga national park. Therefore, on your Africa safari, spare some time and visit an amazing park where you will spend more time with endangered mountain gorillas free of charge.

The Park has many accommodation facilities, due to a large number of tourists visiting the park for gorilla tours, this has led to the construction of many safari lodges and camps in and out of the Virunga national park.  Accommodation facilities provide high-quality services through friendly staff, en-suite bathrooms, and beautiful views of the forest to their visitors

Lodges in Virunga national park also offers rooms that are family-friendly. Due to safari lodges and hotels, every tourist has a chance to book accommodations where he/she will get a night before 0r after gorilla trekking experience. Some of the safari lodges where one can stay and complete his/her tour in Virunga national park are Kibumba tented camp, Bukima tented camp, Mikeno lodge, Tchegera lodge, and many more.

According to the above-mentioned reasons, now you know why you should book a safari to Virunga national park with Africa Adventure Vacations. You can fly to the Goma international airport of Congo and then from here you will use a ground transfer for just 10-20 minutes to the park. Kigali international airport is another option which takes about 4 hours to Gisenyi and then crosses to the Grande Barrier, which is a meeting point for all visitors who come to visit the park and in that same place is where you will find a convoy waiting to take you into the park.

Visit Africa Adventure Vacations websites and check out our packages for visiting Virunga national park for instance the Virunga expedition package, the 4 days Mikeno Mist package, the Virunga classic package, the Great Ape package. All these packages give you an opportunity to know more about the forest of Virunga national park.