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Which tour company should I go with on a gorilla trek to Virunga?

Which tour company should I go with on a gorilla trek to Virunga?

Which tour company should I go with on a gorilla trek to Virunga?

Which tour company should I go with on a gorilla trek to Virunga? Planning your gorilla safari in Virunga national park DR Congo but you don’t know which tour operator to deal with? Traveling miles away from your home can intimidate even the most experienced travelers. Mountain gorilla trekking is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that needs you to be careful when choosing a tour operator so as to have the best of the safari. Mountain gorilla trekking is probably the most done activity in Virunga national park and the whole of DR Congo.

Mountain gorilla trekking in the whole world can be done in 4 African national parks which are Mgahinga national park and Bwindi impenetrable forest national park of Uganda, volcanoes national park Rwanda, and Virunga national park DR Congo. Mountain gorillas left in the world are classified as endangered by ICUN but the highest population is found in Bwindi where we find more than half of the total population.

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park alone has over 20 gorilla families for trekking and 2 that are for habituation. Virunga national park has about 8 fully habituated gorilla families, volcanoes national park Rwanda has 10 gorilla families while Mgahinga national park has only 1 habituated gorilla family. All these national parks are made of thick vegetation covers where mountain gorillas find comfort living.

Travelers intending to do mountain gorilla trekking in Virunga national park will have to first look for the best tour operator to go with. To enjoy a gorilla trekking safari in Virunga national park, you are advised to do your safari with a local tour company that will help you with booking the gorilla permits, transportation, and accommodation.

There are a lot of tour companies in East Africa but choosing the best is not always an easy task. It’s very important to choose a tour operator for your Virunga gorilla trek by considering the company’s reputation and reviews, the price offered, membership to tour associations and social media presence. When choosing a tour company for your Virunga gorilla trek, you should choose a company that has been in existence for some years because we believe they are more experienced. Lastly use a tour company that is licensed to work so that you don’t get conned of your hard-earned money by the fake companies.

Africa adventure vacations is a tour company organizing gorilla trekking safaris in Virunga national park, Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Mgahinga national park, and Volcanoes national park. Our company is licensed, registered, and authorized to operate in different countries. We do fulfill our customer needs in a unique and memorable way and perfect it better than envisioned by providing timely and quality travel services at an affordable price.

Travelers that trust Africa adventure safaris to organize a safari for them to Virunga national park where they will trek mountain gorillas will have to do the following. When planning to do a gorilla trekking safari I guess it’s the gorilla permit that we look at first. Travelers will have to send us an email containing the dates of the month and year they want to trek the mountain gorillas. Using these dates, we check for the availability of the gorilla trekking permits and once the permits are available, we shall send you an email containing banking details and once you send the money we shall book the permits for you.

For transport, we have good safari cars that can be used for transportation to the DR Congo border where you will be handed over to the Virunga national park authorities to take you to the next destination or Virunga national park. When it comes to accommodation, we do book lodges based on your travel budget and in Virunga national park there are many accommodation facilities ranging from budget to mid-range to luxury options such as Lulimbi Tented Camp, Nyiragongo Volcano Summit Shelters, Bukima Tented Camp, Mikeno Lodge, Tchegera Island, and Kibumba Tented Camp.

While in Virunga national park, on the day of gorilla trekking trekkers will wake up early in the morning for breakfast and then meet the driver to transfer them to the park offices. Here trekkers will meet other trekkers and park wardens who will teach them about the rules and regulations of the trekking activity and later armed ranger guides will lead them into the jungle until they meet the mountain gorillas.

The trek takes 2-5 hours depending on the nature of the trekking trails, location of the mountain gorillas, and speed of the trekking. During the trekking time, the trekkers are able to meet different park mammals, primates, and birds. On meeting the mountain gorilla family that they have been looking for they will be given 1 hour to be around these apes, watch them do daily activities, and take photos.

Gorilla trekking in Virunga national park is done by people above the age of 15 years and each gorilla family is trekked by 8 people for different reasons. Only 64 people can trek all the gorilla families in Virunga national park which are 8 in number. Gorilla families in Virunga national park are Kabirizi group, bageni group, lulengo group, mapuwa group, humba group, rugendo group, munyaga group, and nyakamwe group.