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Where to eat around Virunga national park

Where to eat around Virunga national park

Where to eat around Virunga national park

Where to eat around Virunga national park? There are several restaurants near Tchegera Island Tented Camp, Virunga National Park in Goma, and North Kivu Province where travelers can have their meals from right from breakfast, to lunch and dinner.

Some restaurants have neat dining areas and a fully stocked bar with most brands of beers, spirits, and wines on the international market while others employ qualified and experienced baristas to make and/or serve coffee and coffee-based beverages such as espresso and drinks made from espressos like lattes, cappuccino, and iced coffee beverages.

Below is a list of restaurants where you can eat around Virunga national park;

Calafia Café: This is another nice place where you can eat around Virunga national park, located minutes away from Lake Kivu’s lakeshore in Gisenyi, Calafia Cafe produces some of Rwanda’s best quality casual dining. The homemade pesto and hummus, accompanied by freshly baked bread, is heavenly. Come for happy hour cocktails and the California-inspired vibes, and stay for the fresh and healthy offerings.

Lac Kivu Lodge: Expect a memorable luxury experience at the moment you enter the paradise that lies within the Lac Kivu Lodge located in Goma, Democratique Republic of the Congo. A beautiful property recently extensively renovated in lush tropical grounds on the shore of Lake Kivu with its private balcony. Lake Kivu is considered to be one of Africa’s great lakes, and lies in the Albertine Rift Valley sharing the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The lake is surrounded by hundreds of hills and mountains. There are loads of beautiful rooms that consist of Economic, Budget Room, Standard Room, Standard Plus, Classic Room, Deluxe Room. From Budget to Deluxe catégory, espresso coffe machine are provided in each room. As well as local made rocking chair on each balcony. The restaurant, is reputated for being the best table in Goma, and includes one of the country’s largest choice of South African wines. It’s the beauty of nature and the calmness of the place that affect’s the traveler upon arrival at the lodge. While in Goma, this lodge with its family atmosphere will delight you.

Bon Pain: Located in downtown Goma on the second floor of a building. It makes fresh baked products such as croissants, danishes (huit-number 8 in French) and raisin buns as well as bagguets and round bread. They served great breakfast too at reasonable prices (USD $6-$10).

Il Rasentino: Although not easy to spot, and located near a busy intersection, the hassle of getting here is very well worth it. The food is heavenly and makes you want to keep coming back. The service is personalized and there is a rustic feel to it. Something like a small bistro beside a busy street. You have to come here.

Pablo’s Pizza: Try our new a la carte restaurant with an authentic Italian menu featuring pasta and wood oven pizza to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Le Petit Chalet: Looking for an authentic cafe to have breakfast in Goma? Try Le Petit Chalet and it serves coffee, organic food, and juice at a good price, staff are friendly plentiful, and charming. You can call to order and have your coffee or your bagels delivered at your home. We definitely recommend this nice place with fresh air coming from Lake Kivu.

Petit Bruxelles: If you want a simple, quaint atmosphere with excellent meals, this is one restaurant you can visit. To get there might be a bit of a hassle but once there you will completely forget the tribulations you went through to reach the place. The menus is not extensive but everything in it is really tasty and enjoyable. Vegetarians need not starve. There is something here to satisfy all palates and cravings.

Pili Pili: This is an excellent Indian restaurant on Boulevard Kanyamuhanga in Goma. It is also a bar and a nightclub. The Indian was fantastic and at amazing prices with fabulous service. A really pleasant and enjoyable curry.

Pili Pili is one of the better known restaurants in Goma and offers superb curry. Despite that, it was easy to walk up and secure a table for a small group of a weekday evening. The large space including a bar area and an upper level nightclub mean customers are spread out and so there is never a sense of being crowded while enjoying a great meal.

Le Volcan Resto & Pub: When craving for Indian food in Goma, this is by far the best place to be. There is enough in the menu to appease various palates. The tastes and flavors mingle long after the meal and you leave with a big smile of satisfaction on your face.

Nyumbani Lounge: When in Goma, this is definitely one place that you should have a meal in. The food is excellent, the ambiance is amazing and the vibe is totally positive. Mediterranean-European cuisine with some Asian Fusion dishes are available for all types of diners with varying levels of appetites. Vegetarians need not starve as the salads and vegetarian meals (veg pizzas) are very satisfying.

La Rosta: Prepares lebanese meal and a steak. The service is very fast, gentile and at times a manager himself come to seek service feedback from the clients.

Paradise club: If you like traditional food and looking for variety, here is the one. Located in the center of the town, behind Shoppers, offers Ethiopian plus Eritrean buffet lunch every Tuesday and Thursday.

Retaurant Mediterraneo Goma: This is situated close to the Center of Goma. The atmosphere is very relaxing for adults as well as children. There’s a big garden with exotic trees and the kids usually play in the garden, which gives the adults some room to relax. They have a nice menu of pizza, pasta’s, fish etc.

LAPA Lounge Restaurant, Goma DRC: The place has good food, nice ambiance and service. If visiting with friends or group it is one of the recommended places to dine and party.

La Bodega: This restaurant has good African and European food, you can eat there. they are clean and affordable price.

Le Volcan: This restaurant serves good Indian food and cold beer. The chef is more competent in terms of table service than the waitresses. Food is lovely and the burger is extremely yummy. Its is also a good place for a pub-ish night out with a soccer game.

Most restaurants around Virunga national park focus on healthful eating and locally sourced, high-quality ingredients. Because of this, several eating places have relationships with many local farms to ensure that they get the freshest produce around to prepare a number of dishes in regard to their clients’ demands. The menus here are helpfully divided in two that is to say vegetarians and non-vegetarians. This makes it easy for people with dietary restrictions to find something that appeals to them instead of sifting through a large menu and finding something that doesn’t contain meat.

Others make bread, pastries, and croissants using time-tested traditions while staying devoted to great flavors and recipes. This commitment extends to starting our day before the sun comes up; baking their products fresh daily to provide the best tasting food to all travelers. They take their time and not for customers to make good pastries.

Other travelers may opt to eat in facilities inside Virunga national park such as Kibumba tented camp, Bukima tented camp, Mikeno lodge, Tchegera lodge, Nyiragongo summit shelter, and Ngila lodge.

Get in touch with a local travel agency to book your safari in Virunga national park such as Africa Adventure Vacations.