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What does my package to Virunga national park include?

What does my package to Virunga national park include?

What does my package to Virunga national park include?

What does my package to Virunga national park include? The park offers several tour packages such as Le Petit Mikeno, Mikeno Mist, Nyiragongo Package, Tchegera Package, The Great Ape, and Virunga Classic.

Safari packages offer activities like mountain gorilla trekking, Mount Nyiragongo hike, chimpanzee tracking, and visiting the Senkwekwe center.

For those wondering what is included in your tour packages to Virunga national park, we are here to guide you. Yes, if your book a tour with Virunga national park, the price for the package includes in-country transport to, from, and within the Park, accommodation, meals (with exception of Mount Nyiragongo package), laundry service during your stay in the Park, and relevant park permits i.e. gorilla permits and Nyiragongo volcano permit

Travelers are recommended to use the comment section to highlight any of the additional information such as special days like birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoon, and any dietary requirements.

On contrary, the price for Virunga national park tour packages doesn’t include; drinks, gratuities, anything of personal nature such as souvenirs.

For those booking for Nyiragongo hike, do pay for backpacks with volcano gear at a fee, and this includes food and a cook.

Where to spend a night in Virunga national park.

The eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo is a quiet destination but with limited accommodation facilities if compared to other natural habitats to mountain gorillas like Volcanoes national park and Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. Virunga national park features accommodation facilities for all different travelers ranging from the luxury, the mid-range, and the budget and these include Mikeno lodge, Kibumba tented camp, Lulimbi tented camp, Nyiragongo summit shelter, Bukima tented camp, Tchegera island tented camp, and others. They offer a private and quiet atmosphere for relaxation after enjoying beautiful views of the Virunga Forest, guided nature, visiting the endangered mountain gorillas, wildlife viewing. Also provide high-quality services to the tourists through friendly staff, comfortable beds, server both international and local dishes and among others.

Some of the activities to do while in Virunga national park.

After understanding what your package to Virunga national park includes, you need to know some of the activities done in the park;

Mountain gorilla trekking: This is the key tourist activity that attracts most travelers in the country. It is home to various gorilla families which are already for tracking and some of the gorilla families in this park are the Rugendo gorilla family, Bageni gorilla family, Mapuwa gorilla family, Munyaga gorilla family, and many others. The activity offers an exciting experience while hiking the big forest and also listening to the number of interesting histories that will be told you by your ranger when searching for mountain gorillas within the park. Therefore, book yourself a Virunga gorilla permit at only 400USD and enjoy the best experience in the world.

Chimpanzee habituation: Virunga national park also offers this activity. So, while on your Congo safaris, participate in chimpanzee habituation and spend more time with these animals which are unlike chimpanzee trekking allows one-hour interaction.  You will carry this activity with a team of researchers and trekkers who makes the chimpanzee communities get used to the human presence.

Hiking Mount Nyiragongo: Enjoy an exciting experience that cannot be found elsewhere in the world and also see other interesting facts about this mountain like the active lava bubbling in the earth’s crust.

Bird watching: Birders go to Virunga national park and watch over 700 bird species, these are some of the bird species one can see on his/her birding trip in this park as include. the Ruwenzori turaco, African Fish Eagle, Ross’s turaco, Narrow-tailed sterling, Chubb’s cisticola, Grey-throated Barbet, and others.

Guided nature walks: Virunga national park gives you a chance to know more about the forest while viewing different park attractions which include the green vegetation, the dense forest where you will see over 700 bird species, wildlife animals like zebra, duikers, and others.