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What are the necessary items to pack for a Virunga national park safari?

What are the necessary items to pack for a Virunga national park safari?

What are the necessary items to pack for a Virunga national park safari?

What are the necessary items to pack for Virunga national park safari if you are planning a visit to DR Congo for activities like mountain gorilla trekking and Nyiragongo volcano hike? There are essentials things you have to put first in your bag if you want to enjoy your Virunga safari without inconveniences. Virunga national park is the leading primate safari destination in the country where one can trek the endangered mountain gorillas, visiting the Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage center and get a chance to participate in the daily activities such as feeding gorillas, playing with them, cleaning their nests and many other activities depending on your interests.

This quiet destination is also good for hiker lovers where you will an opportunity to one of the active volcanoes on earth and on its top, you will see the largest lava lake not only in Africa but the whole world, this mountain is knowns as Mount Nyarigongo. Another active volcano in the park is Nyamuragira but it is not like Nyiragongo due to different factors. In this same is where you can enjoy Chimpanzee tracking and Chimpanzee habituation.

If on your Congo safari and feel like to do bird watching, Virunga national park is still your answer where you will see over 700 bird species and these are some of the bird species you have to see on your birding trip in the park as include the northern brown-throated weaver, tabora cisticola, striped pipit Denham’s bustard, yellow-bellied, grasshopper buzzard, slate-colored and many others. So, do not forget to come with a pair of binoculars which will help you to see countless birds.

Still in the Virunga national park where you will find the Lulimbi sector, which is a home to the hippos that are usually seen wallowing in the waters of River Ishasha. Other activities around the Lulimbi sector of Virunga national park are the safari walks which are normally done in the afternoon and evening.

What to pack for a Virunga safari?

Tourists who are interested to visit the quiet destination in the Democratic Republic of Congo to enjoy in the above-mentioned tourist activities as well as others, the following are the necessary items you have pack into your bag before traveling to the Virunga national park and these things will help you to enjoy your Virunga safari with a memorable experience as explained below;

Heavy clothes.

While coming on Virunga safari try to carry heavy clothes since the park is a tropical rainforest so we expect rain at any time of the day. Another reason is that at night the park tends to be cold due to the several water bodies into the park and the Vegetation covers like thickets, forests and others.

Insect repellent

The Park is home to many things including the insect so you should not forget to put insect repellent in your bag that will protect from the insects that can spread diseases due to their insect bites and these are some of the mosquitoes and so on.

Hiking boots

Carry good hiking boots that will support you while hiking in the muddy and slippery trails especially those who are interested to visit the pack during the rainy season.

Garden gloves

Virunga national park is surrounded with mountains where most of activities in the park are done so when you’re coming expect to hike while touching into the rocks, this is the reason why you are advised to carry garden glove that will protect from getting dangers.


The weather in Virunga national park is unpredictable that can rain any time of day even in the dry season, this is the reason why you are advised to carry a raincoat to be on the safe side.


This is not essential but since you want your Virunga safari at the fullest without disturbances, it is important mostly those who want to travel during the dry seasons so this will protect you from getting irritation.


Virunga national park is home to a collection of wildlife including birds, small primates, butterflies, moths, antelopes, forest hogs, and much more. A binocular will help you spot all creatures in the park.

Cameras with extra batteries.

A camera is useful to capture these unique primates, beautiful volcanoes, and forest creatures that you will take to show your family, friends and for entire lifetime.  Never use flash cameras in the presence of mountain gorillas.

Packed lunch, snacks, and energy drinks

Some activities start very early in the morning gorilla trekking and it takes like 2-6 hours. You may get hungry and thirsty. This is the reason why you need a packed lunch, drinking water, and energy drinks.

Leave aside the above-mentioned items. Other necessary items for Virunga safari are travel maps, a guidebook, cash buying remembrance, an itinerary from your tour company, a first-aid kit and medications for any lifestyle diseases, and so on.

Proper documentation.

There are also essential things you will be need to present before entering the Democratic Republic of Congo. These are the necessary documents you need to move with if you want to visit Virunga national park as listed below.

A valid Congo Visa.

This is one most important document you must have to enter the Democratic Republic of Congo. Currently things have changed you can even book from online and it is must be valid at for 6 months, no one is allowed to this country without Congo VISA.

Valid yellow fever

Another thing to consider while coming to the Democratic Republic of Congo is valid yellow fever and you will not be allowed to access the country without this card however you can take a vaccine from here and issue a card.

Valid Passport

You also need to come with a passport and it must be in your full names, this document is required at the park office if you have come to trek mountain gorillas so the management used your passport to know which gorilla family you will manage to trek.

Therefore, tourist if you want to enjoy your trip to Virunga national park, you also have to play your part well through considering what items to pack for a Virunga national park safari before leaving your homeland. For more information about the Virunga safari, send an email or contact Africa Adventure Vacations and guide you until you finish your safari.