Mount Nyiragongo Summit Shelter is a simple accommodation property located on top of Nyiragongo volcano

Mount Nyiragongo Summit Shelter

Camping Facility For Travelers Who Book Their Hiking Trips To The Most Active And Stunning Volcano Of Virunga National Park DR Congo

Mount Nyiragongo Summit Shelter

Mount Nyiragongo Summit Shelter is a simple accommodation property located on top of Nyiragongo volcano. This is a camping facility for travelers who book their hiking trips to the most active and stunning volcano of Virunga National Park DR Congo. Mount Nyiragongo Summit Shelter has a total of 12 cabins each with two single beds where visitors put their respective sleeping bags. The cabins are also built about 5 feet high from the ground to allow tourists enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding area including the lave lake. Surely there is no place you will relax as you enjoy the eye-catching views Virunga national park except within this Camp. Comfortable sleeping bags are offered for tourist who did trave with their own (We recommend you take your own.)

There’s no running water at the summit therefore, you are advised to carry wet wipes and the long-drop loo is reached via a short, steep walk on a rocky path, fitted with a safety rope to help you back up. You’ll be happy, even without the chocs.

Food is always prepared locally by porters on small cooking stoves to give that authentic African camping experience in the wilderness.

The price for accommodation in Mount Nyiragongo Summit Shelter is usually included in the Nyiragongo Volcano Trekking permits. Children are charged $25 and $125 for Congolese and International travelers respectively while adult are charged $90 and $300 for Congolese and International tourists respectively.

Children must be 12 years and above to grant them a permit to the volcano and for parents who travelled with minors and staying at designated accommodation managed by Virunga national park, a caretaker can be arranged on request to look after your child while on a trek.

Yes, the cost of hiring porters for Nyiragongo hike is $12 per day and $24 for the entire overnight trip. Porters carry luggage of a maximum of 15kgs.

Spending a night camping at night mount Nyiragongo Summit shelter while on a safari in Virunga National Park Congo is such an amazing adventure experience!!

Best Time To Visit Hike Mount Nyiragongo

Tourists planning to visit mount Nyiragongo always ask for the best time to hike to the summit. Yes, hiking to Nyiragongo volcano in Virunga national park DR Congo is best done during the dry season that runs from December to Mid-March, as well as from mid-June to September. During the identified period, temperatures are fairly tolerable as compared to wet season and there is less mist on the top of the mountain which gives hikers clearer views of the lava lake.

The average temperatures at the summit of mount Nyiragongo ranges between 10°C to 30°C with the lowest recorded temperatures being 8°C and 31°C as maximum.

How To Get To Mount Nyiragongo?

Getting to Mount Nyiragongo is so easy. Most travelers fly in Kigali international airport Rwanda and set off to DR Congo through Gisenyi town. For late arrivals, you may book an overnight stay at round Gisenyi town in one of the hotels with in the area such as Kivu Serena Hotel that goes for around $210, hotel Paradis Malahide $90, Tiloreza Volcanoes Ecolodge at $130 among others

From Gisenyi its about 30 minutes’ drive to cross the border into Goma town in DR Congo and from Grande Barrier border it is approximately 9 miles to the volcano. Visitors intending to explore the Nyiragongo package must be at the DRC boarder at exactly 7:00am for check in and securing their volcano trek permits from Virunga Tourism Office.

After all legal procedures, you will be transferred to Virunga national park at Kibati ranger post for briefing and starting your trek at exactly 10:00am. Hiking from the trailhead to Mount Nyiragongo Summit Shelter takes approximately 4-6hours depending on the physical fitness of the hikers.

What To Pack For A Mount Nyiragongo Hike?

Like any hiking expedition elsewhere, you need to pack some items to make your trip successful. Below is a list of things you need to park for Mount Nyiragongo hike;

A sleeping bag

Warm Clothing

Good hiking boots

Enough Drinking water

A hat and sunscreen

Camera and Binoculars


Portable charger

A Torch