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Lodges in Virunga national park

Lodges in Virunga national park

Lodges in Virunga national park

Looking for safari lodges to book while in Virunga national park? Tourists who are interested in tracking mountain gorillas of the Democratic Republic of Congo will have to travel to the Eastern region of the country in North Kivu province where Virunga national park is found. It is the most visited tourist destination if compared to other national parks in Congo. This tropical rain forest is covering an area of 7,769 square kilometers which stretches to the south to Lake Kivu and to the North from the Lulimbi sector. In 1925 is when this natural habitat to mountain gorillas was established and one of the first game reserves on the continent of Africa.

Virunga national park is found near Goma international airport just a 10-20 minutes’ drive and 20-30 minutes by road from Grande Barrier border building post which is meeting point for visitors to Virunga national park. The Virunga tourism office is the starting point for all tours in Virunga national park and this office is sited opposite the immigration office at the border. The Virunga tourism office is where you will get your gorilla trekking permit as well as other activities carried out in the park. Some of the activities one can do on his /her trip while in Virunga national park are tracking rare mountain gorillas, hiking Mount Nyiragongo, visiting the Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage, wildlife safari in the Lulimbi sector, and others.

In and outside Virunga national park, there are many accommodation facilities where one opt to take on any of the above-mentioned activities can stay and complete his/her tour in the Democratic Republic of Congo which ranges from luxury, midrange, and budget. Africa Adventure Vacations offer you a tour package of every activity with accommodation, permit transport, and meals at an affordable price. So, visit our website and get more information you need to know about Virunga national park plus other national parks in the country.

The following are some safari lodges in and outside Virunga national park where you can stay and make your dream complete of participating in its activities as briefly explained below;

Mikeno lodge

Is the best place for luxurious tourists who are interested in trekking mountain gorillas of Virunga national park. It has 12 rooms decorated with mahogany trees and lava stones, they all have bungalows that give you beautiful views of Nyiragongo volcano, rift valley, and Mount Mikeno. Rooms are looking so nice with washed beddings. Mikeno Lodge is constructed near the Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage and tourists who stay here have an opportunity to visit this orphanage and participate in daily activities carried out at no extra cost like feeding and caring about the orphan gorillas. Activities one can do while staying here are Bird watching, community walks, hiking mount Nyiragongo, trekking the rare mountain gorillas, visiting the park bamboo projects, exploring Rumangabo several nature trails, and many more.

Kibumba tented camp

Kibumba tented camp is best for mid-range and budget tourists and one of the news camps in Virunga national park with 18 tents which is constructed with a private shower, twin, double and single bed. Its delicious meal is served in the two main tents. It is the best option for tourists who want to enjoy 4 days Mikeno Mist package and is found near the border between Rwanda and Congo.

Bukima tented camp

Bukima is a local word which means a place of monkeys, Bukima tented camp is one of the most recommended lodges because it is found near the starting for mountain gorilla trekking so when you stay here, it will give an opportunity to reach in time on the tracking day for briefing and it is walkable distance to the Virunga national park. Bukima tented camp was constructed with 8 nice tents plus private suite facilities such as rooms in different types that are triple, twins, double and single, flushing toilets, hot bucket showers, and many more. Services provided at Bukima tented camp are a restaurant with both local and international meals which are already to server, stocked bar with all types of drinks, it is the best place to relax from in the evening after gorilla trekking and enjoying the beautiful views of the Virunga national park, laundry services available at the camp, solar energy is available, free parking space, friendly staff and many more.

Ngila lodge

This is one of the newest lodges in Virunga national park and it was constructed with the local people near the park by using local materials. The rooms are well decorated and equipped with log fires, nice beds, en suite bathrooms, and private verandah with beautiful views of Mount Bisoke, Mount Gahinga, Mount Nyiragongo, Mount Muhabura, and many more. The lodge offers high-quality services through friendly staff, a classy dining room, a well-stocked bar, and others. Activities to do while staying here are hiking mount Nyiragongo, nature walks, mountain gorilla trekking, visiting Senkwenkwe gorilla orphanage Centre, chimpanzee trekking, and many more.

Nyiragongo summit shelter

In most cases, this shelter is used by hikers of mountain Nyiragongo with 12 wooden shelters and they constructed on the summit of the Nyiragogo with simple beds where you will put their sleeping bags. They also have a chance to see the boiling lava lake when you are outside the rooms. On your trip to Congo, hike Mount Nyirangogo and enjoy one of the best experiences in the world.

Tchegera lodge

It has 10 luxury tented rooms with well-contained bathrooms and flushing toilets and is constructed on the Tchegera island for relaxation after visiting the endangered mountain gorillas of Virunga national park.  Services offered here are solar and generator, wi-fi to keep you connected with your friends and relatives, the restaurant has best dishes, and its bar is well stocked with soft and hard drinks. The place is surrounded with beautiful views plus watching lot of bird species while relaxing.

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