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Is gorilla trekking in Virunga national park safe?

Is gorilla trekking in Virunga national park safe?

Is gorilla trekking in Virunga national park safe?

Is gorilla trekking in Virunga national park safe? This is a question every tourist who wants to visit the Democratic Republic of Congo for a Virunga safari asked. This country is one of the countries on the continent of Africa that have been experiencing the problem of insecurity due to the number of rebel groups that have been occupied in the area. The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of Africa central’s biggest countries which is occupied by the Congolese as the local people. The East Congo is neighboring Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda with the Central Africa Republic in the north, Zambia in the south, and in the west is Angola.

All the cases of insecurity that happened in the Virunga region were assumed to be from Rwandan and Mai Mai rebels that were used to start from the Rumangabo sector which is the part of Virunga national park. This caused many people to lose their lives and many wildlife animals were dead according to the records, this is why every tourist asks if it is safe to visit the Virunga region. But the government and management of the park have been working hard to chase away these rebel groups from the region and now there is much peace in the Virunga region.

In past, there was a case in the Virunga national park when two tourists were kidnapped, and also park rangers have been attacked by the rebel groups which forced the government and management of the park to improve the security in the Virunga region. Recently Virunga national park have been closed due to insecurity and reopened in February 2020 when the director is known as Emmanuel with the government come up with measures so that to improve security so that to keep tourists coming into the park.

Well we can say yes, gorilla trekking in Virunga national park is very safe. Many trained security teams including the park rangers that have been prepared with international standards to improve the security in the Virunga region so that to protect tourists with their luggage or properties. So, on your arrival day to the Grande Barrier post which is a checking point for all tourists who have come to visit the Virunga national park. you will find a security convoy who will lead you into the park and protect you until you finish your safari and go back to your homeland or to visit other gorilla destinations. The security team in Virunga national park are trained with different skills like how to protect guest, evacuation skills, first aid procedures, and others.

Another security measure the management of the park saw is to advise tourists who are planning to visit Virunga national park to book their safaris in advance so that secure and also find the security teams when well-prepared waiting for them. It is also good to book your Congo Visa 3 weeks before the traveling date because you will be asked to present this document before entering the Virunga national park.

After reopening the Virunga national park, the management park started to introduce the standard safari packages which contain all the important information like the paths where every tourist uses to enter the park. This is among the ways which are used to protect tourists and also to access the park easier.

Every day all these Virunga safari packages are arranged from the Grande Barrier border building which is a checking point for those coming into Virunga national park. these are some of the Virunga safari packages which include the Virunga classic that sets off on Wednesday and Mondays, the Mikeno mist package that sets off from Goma at 10 am each day, the Le petit Mikeno which sets off from Goma on Fridays at 11 am and among others.

The security teams of Virunga national park are the management of the park and the local people found on the edges of the park since these local members are benefited from the park. Now they know the value of the park which has kept peace in the region and created a strong relationship with village groups, local authorities, community leaders, country embassies, and others.

What to do in Virunga national park after gorilla trekking tour?

If you want to enjoy an amazing attraction on your Congo safari travel to the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo where you will find Virunga national park and participant in different activities starting from trekking the endangered mountain gorillas, wildlife viewing along with the Lulimbi sector, guided nature walks, birding, visiting the Sekwenkwe orphanage center, spending more time with chimpanzees. When all is done, in the evening visit Tchegera island and relax from there while enjoying the beautiful views around the island.

Where one can spend a night in Virunga national park on  a gorilla trekking tour?

After knowing that gorilla trekking in Virunga national park is safe; you should now visit Virunga national park without worries since the park is surrounded by various safari lodges where you can spend a night after or before gorilla trekking. In Virunga national park, there are accommodation facilities for different tourists that is from the Luxury, the Mid-range up to the budget travelers and these are some of them the luxurious Mikeno lodge, Lulimbi tented camp, Kibumba tented camp, Nyiragongo summit shelter, Bukima tented camp, Tchegera island tented camp, and others.  All these lodges have security teams that protect guests with their properties, friendly staff, comfortable beds, server both international and local dishes, and among others.

In conclusion, although all the above-mentioned measures were introduced in the Virunga region to improve security you are also advised to be security conscious so that you enjoy and finish your safari when you are safe with your property. This is important to note that though the security measures were introduced in the park it is always important to first check with any travel operators and be aware of the current security status of the region