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How to support Virunga national park?

you can support the work of Virunga national park through donations and shopping merchandise

How to support Virunga national park?

How to support Virunga national park? This is a common question searched by many travelers and conservationists in the whole world. And yes, you can support the work of Virunga national park through donations and shopping merchandise.

Support Virunga through a donation: Virunga National Park has a number of challenges ranging from conservation threats to security. In past years, a number of rebel groups have always settled in the southern sector of the Park, consequently, many rangers have lost their lives trying to protect the park resources including the endangered mountain gorillas.

Insecurities have sabotaged the growth of international tourism, limiting a major source of revenue which has affected thorough operations.

Regardless of all the challenges, the park has made all efforts to protect and conserve Virunga for future generations.

Making donations helps Virunga national park to execute its goals of running primate conservation projects and extending hydroelectric power as well as involving the local communities in and around the park in sustainable tourism development.

You can make a donation to Virunga national park through bank transfer, US residents can make donations via Virunga Friends Fund at CAF America and Belgium residents can make tax-efficient donations via Virunga Belgium Fund.

Through donations, the Virunga national park has managed to remove 1260 snares, conducted 24,000 km of air surveillance, patrolled 65,000 km by foot, provided healthcare and emergency support to 620 rangers and their families, and trained 150 new rangers.

You can also donate Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Cryptocurrencies to Virunga national park. This is one of the most tax-efficient ways to support the works of the park. However, you are advised to consult a tax professional for specifics about your country.

Support Virunga through adopting a gorilla: Adapting a gorilla helps in rehabilitating orphaned gorillas at Senkwekwe center and taking care of other mountain gorillas in the wild that call Virunga their home.

Senkwekwe Centre is one of the great wildlife conservation efforts in Africa, located in Rumangabo at the headquarters of Virunga National Park near Mikeno lodge. It is the only facility in the world that cares for orphaned mountain gorillas.

The center derives its name from the great silverback gorilla “Senkwekwe” who led the Rugendo gorilla family during a great massacre of some members in 2007 by rebel forces that hide in Virunga national park by then. The idea of establishing the Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage centre came up when two orphaned gorillas (Ndakasi and Ndezi) survived the massacre, rescued and there was no suitable place to take proper care of them.

A decision was made to set up a center to cater for the young mountain gorillas who lose their parents as a result of animal trafficking, poaching, and fights between government forces and rebels around the Virunga area. The Senkwekwe center was opened in 2010.

If you adopt a gorilla in Virunga national park, you will receive the following package and benefits; a digital welcome booklet that contains all you need to know about Virunga and mountain gorillas, a desktop wallpaper photograph of Matabishi taken by one of the local photographers, getting to know the team and the orphan gorillas at Senkwekwe, and monthly updates about the park. its gorillas and how you are helping the protect the biodiversity of the park.

Support Virunga through shopping: Yes, you can still support Virunga by buying products from their carefully selected partners. This can be a wildlife print, clothing, and a delicious Virunga Chocolate for a special occasion. Every official merchandise purchased from Virunga national park helps in protecting the biodiversity of the park and providing employment opportunities to local people.

For more information on how you can make a donation to Virunga national park, send an email to info@virunga.org, the park representative will be open to assist you.