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Hiking The Virunga Mountains In Uganda

Hiking Virunga Mountains In Uganda

Hiking The Virunga Mountains In Uganda

The Virunga mountains are one of the rewarding attractions that attract many travelers with a rewarding hiking tourism experience in Uganda.  The Virunga mountains are hiked in three countries are Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park and here you will see mount Karisimbi, Mount Bisoke, Mount Muhabura, and Mount Sabyinyo. While in the Democratic Republic of Congo, you will hike one of the active mountains in the world which called Mount Nyiragongo when you visit the Virunga national park and in Uganda, you will see three of the 8 Virunga mountains in Mgahinga national park and these include Mount Sabyinyo, Mount Gahinga, and Mount Muhabura.

While on your Uganda safaris, try to hike the Virunga mountains and participate in a rewarding experience plus other amazing attractions that you will see. Besides hiking the Virunga Mountains In Uganda, travelers can do the following activities either in Mgahinga national park or Bwindi Impenetrable national park;

Mountain gorilla trekking

While hiking the Virunga mountains in Mgahinga national park, you may have a chance and meet the Nyakagezi gorilla family and Hirwa gorilla family but it is mobile in the park because sometimes it used to cross in Volcanoes national park of Rwanda if you meet one of them, you will enjoy an amazing experience through interacting with them, learning more about their natural lifestyle, how mothers feed their younger ones, their co-existence with the surrounding environment and others.

Golden monkey tracking.

Another amazing activity to do in Mgahinga national park while hiking its three Virunga mountains is golden monkey tracking. Golden monkeys are also known as endangered animals like mountain gorillas. They are found in Mgahinga national park, Virunga national park, and Volcanoes national park. one of the most reasons why one should trek golden monkey instead of mountain gorilla trekking is that its tracking permit is sold at a lower price which is $100 per person if compared to a gorilla permit which costs $700. Mgahinga national park is a home to three habituated golden monkeys so after meeting one of them you will enjoy an amazing experience like learning more about their behaviors, they used t jump from one tree to another, how they care about their younger ones and so on.

Colobus tracking.

During hiking the Virunga mountains, you will also enjoy colobus monkeys as they jump from one tree to another, how they construct their nests, and also understand more about them. So, on your Uganda safaris in Mgahinga national park, spare some time and participate in tracking these playful primates.

Photography and filming.

Hiking the Virunga mountains also give you an opportunity to do photography and video filming which is one of the wonderful experiences in Mgahinga national park while viewing wildlife as you capture photos and at the same time hiking the Virunga mountains.


While hiking the Virunga mountains of Mgahinga national park, you will view over 300 bird species and there are endemic bird species and migratory species. These are some bird species one can see on his/her birding trip in mgahinga national park which includes the Miombo wren warbler, coqui Franclin, chubb’s cisticola, blue turaco, long-tailed cisticola, Ross’s turaco, and others. In addition, bird lovers carry a pair of binoculars which will help to see many birds.

When is the best time to hike the Virunga mountains in Uganda?

All activities in Mgahinga gorilla national park can be done in all months of the year, though the most recommended time is during the driest seasons that is from June-August and December-February when the trails are favoring you to carry out the park activities without disturbance.  But you are advised to book your permits earlier like three months back because during this season is when the park receives many travelers. Rainy months that is March, April, May, October, and November is also good to visit the park especially the budget tourists because during this period the costs for loges are reduced so that to attracts more visitors and those who like to trek mountain gorillas in place without many people, this is the best ideal for you. However, during this period hiking trails are used to be slippery and muddy but you can enjoy the experiences when well-prepared through improving your fitness and carrying necessary items for hiking.

What to pack for hiking the Virunga mountains in Uganda.

While coming for hiking the Virunga mountains in Uganda, try to carry the following items if you want to enjoy your trip without disturbance, and these include.

Hiking Boots protect your feet from rocks and the routes are very slippery.

Hat and Sun Glasses are mostly tourists who want to hike a mountain in the dry season, they protect you from the light and heat.

Long-Sleeved clothes help since you are hiking through big forests so the protect you from flies and insects in the forest which can affect your body.

Rain Jacket, Mgahinga national park is a tropical rain forest so, at any time of the day, it may rain.

Energy giving snacks, hiking the Virunga mountains is somehow difficult so you are advised to carry some energy drinks plus a snack and enjoy their experience.

Cameras and extra batteries, those who want to do photography and filming do not forget to carry your camera because hiking permits include only hiking fees and guide fees.

Pair of Binoculars especially bird lovers, you will see countless bird species while hiking.

Garden Gloves will protect you from germs and reduce the risk of other infections that may affect you since you hike while touching rocks.

Porters, those with heavy luggage, you can hire a porter at the park office and the service fee is around 15USD.

You will be provided a hiking stick at the park headquarters or your lodge at no extra cost.